Redcliffe’s Newest Marina Has Arrived

  • A quality marina with a strong commitment to the environment

    Scarborough Harbour is Redcliffe’s natural gateway to recreational and commercial boating on Moreton Bay and beyond. With its impressive bay views, back dropped by the Glasshouse Mountains, the harbour has huge untapped potential for enlightened development.

    Compass Marinas’ innovative plan for the harbour development will elevate Scarborough to one of Brisbane’s premier lifestyle and tourism destinations. The master plan offers an expansion of the existing harbour facilities, as well as enhancement of the site’s open space to encourage the community to explore and celebrate the unique lifestyle potential of the region.

  • Developed by Compass Marinas

    Compass Marinas vision for this harbour is to create a facility that the entire community will seek out and experience.  By tapping the knowledge gained from both marine and other industry developments, Compass Marinas are able to easily deal with the evolving marina industry and the demand for berths, while being dedicated to ensuring a responsibly-managed public environment.

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    Developed by Compass Marinas