Redcliffe’s Newest Marina Revitalising the Community

Compass Marinas has shared its vision through this marina development of providing a facility that is in keeping with the local area, and which the entire community will actively seek out and experience. Working in close partnership with the communities of Scarborough and Redcliffe to create a leading-edge marina within an exciting and responsibly-managed public environment, Compass Marinas are proud to deliver the first stage of the 3 part development.

The marina development is an exciting, on going project, which is set to revitalise the beautiful Scarborough area and become an essential and vibrant hub for all to enjoy.

Marina Facilities

The marina was designed to satisfy a demand for berths, while contribute to the overall commercial activity, operation, amenity and sustainability of the harbour.  Redcliffe Marina provides a number of features in its unique design:

  • Sewage and bilge pump-out, available for the marina occupants, to keep the oceans and waterways clean,
  • Proximity tag access to the marina and facilities,
  • Full CCTV for the entire marina facility,
  • Adequate parking including disabled parking,
  • Public paths along the marina’s water edge, creating pedestrian pathways that reflect the natural flow of people across the site drawing from the northern beach, parks and from the concourse; and
  • Facilities for marina berths including offices and reception, amenities, laundries and internet.
  • Community Focused

    Redcliffe Marina provides a strong public and community focused design, both in terms of its public open space, amenity and prospective commercial functions. Public and community access to buildings and facilities is actively encouraged.

  • Latest Technology

    Due to Compass Marinas strong commitment to the environment, the marina is free of treated lumber. It is also the first Unifloat marina designed and constructed by Bellingham Marine Australia in Queensland utilizing our full composite waler system.

  • Environmentally Kind

    Compass Marinas offer a superior marina which has been purpose built and operated with respect to the environment and community.  Compass Marinas continue their strong commitment to the environment in future plans for the development.