Compass Marinas Development and Management

Compass Marinas is committed to providing state-of-the-art marinas and foreshore developments at prudently chosen locations, together with sustainable marina management. To accomplish this, Compass Marinas has assembled a formidable team of leading internationally renowned professionals who collectively offer unparallel experience in project management, environmental management, design, maritime infrastructure, community facilities, landscape architecture, engineering and hydrology.

Compass Marinas strategy is to present marinas which responsibly and sensitively provide for the current and future demand well into the 21st century.

This will be achieved by integrating socially responsible infrastructure, policies and systems.  The infrastructure will reflect the best industry practices of the day and plan to implement additional measure of the sustainable development by engineering for future technology.  Infrastructure and policy components are revisited every three years and adjusted for environmental and sustainable potency.

  • Community Focused

    Redcliffe Marina provides a strong public and community focused design, both in terms of its public open space, amenity and prospective commercial functions. Public and community access to buildings and facilities is actively encouraged.

  • Latest Technology

    Due to Compass Marinas strong commitment to the environment, the marina is free of treated lumber. It is also the first Unifloat marina designed and constructed by Bellingham Marine Australia in Queensland utilizing our full composite waler system.

  • Environmentally Kind

    Compass Marinas offer a superior marina which has been purpose built and operated with respect to the environment and community.  Compass Marinas continue their strong commitment to the environment in future plans for the development.